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Zumag Sisa Hostel

Zumag Sisa, the name of our Hostel in Tena, means «beautiful flower» in Kichwa. This place is managed by Marcia, Alvaro and Jeheli. They are ready to give you the best advice and make sure you have an unforgettable experience in Tena. 

The highlight of the hostel is the service and the welcoming atmosphere. With the help of the staff you will be able to inform yourself about  the spots in Tena and  surroundings at the best price and in charge of the best people. 

We are located in a residential area next to the main street, at just 5 walking distance fro the bus terminal. Near to the hostel you will find all you need for you trip: ATM, grocery stores, supermarket, laundry, local-food restaurants, pharmacy, hospital.

All rooms have private bathrooms. The building has 2 common kitchens, a BBQ, a rooftop terrace, hummocks a very good internet connection as well as  free parking.

Regardless of  what you are looking for, either  a relaxing stay in a clean, safe and welcoming place or enjoying the magic of Tena, we will make sure your stay will be as pleased as you expect.


Tena is considered a “Must Do” if you visit Ecuador. This little corner of the world has more to offer than you might think. Tena outstands due to adventure tourism and community-based tourism.  It is also well known because of the easy access to natural sports and hast been named for many important magazines as one of the best places to practice rafting and kayaking.  It is the perfect starting point to visit the Amazon region of Ecuador. Also, the local food and nightlife are highlights in this city.

Rafting And Kayak

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Jungle Tours

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Tena is one of the best rafting destinations in South America! Just three hours away from Quito. The jungle rivers that are located on the Amazon side of the Andes are bigger and has more consistent flows compared to the West-Andean counterparts.

Explore the jungle around Tena for one or more days! Swim in the waterfalls and crystal clear lagoons. Learn about the fauna, the flora and medicinal plants. Visit native families and join them for dinner and traditional craft-making. Make bonfires at the river. Experience a cleansing with the traditional shaman. And sleep in hammocks, caves and/or with the indigenous families.

Community Based Tourism

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Natural Spots

The biggest indigenous group of the Ecuadorian amazon is the Kichwa group. They live in the area of Tena as well as in Puyo. Kichwas come from several precolonial indigenous tribes. Nowadays, there are a lot of small communities  around the Napo region. Do not hesitate to ask for more information in order to experience their culture day-life activities.  

Tena will definitely keep you busy. There are a lot of marvelous natural places at just a few minutes from the city. Lakes, lagoons and waterfalls surround the Napo province

Why stay with us?

Are you looking for a hostel in Tena? Zumag Sisa is friendly, relaxing and adventurous!

Here you will find the warmest guest service and the best advice to visit the tourist places.

Moreover, we can provide you with all the recommendations to organize your trip to the area.

Our hostel has a wide relaxing area on our rooftop terrace with hammocks and the best view of the city surrounded by mountains.

We also offer spacious private and group ensuite rooms. We have 2 common kitchens, two dining places, Wifi, which is free as well as parking.

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