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Price 13 $

Hostel zumag sisa
Private Room

Private Room whith a double bed for 1 person.It is located on the first floor with easy access to the rest of the common areas. The price for one person is 13 usd.

Price 25 $

Hostel in tena napo ecuador
Private room for 2

This room has a double. It is located on the ground floor with easy access to the common areas . The price is 20 USD for two people

Price 20 $

Tena hostel
twin room (for 2)

Twin rooms: 2 single beds and ensuite bathrooms. The room price is 20 USD for 2 people or 10 USD for one person.

Price 8 $

6 bed dorm

Dorm is located on the second floor next to our rooftop terrace. The room is shared and has 2 single and 2 bunk beds and a private bathroom. The price is 7 USD per person.