We do not have places available for the 9th and 10th of february. Very sorry ūüôĀ

We offer single rooms, double rooms, and dorms, all with private bathrooms and ventilation. Furthermore we have two spacious kitchens, a barbecue area, a dining room and also laundry service, Wi-Fi and a garage. On our terrace we have hammocks and an outdoor room providing a nice view of the city.



                                         PRIVATE ROOM WITH DOUBLE BED

Hostel tena zumag sisa 22Double bed room for 1 or 2 people. Spacious and a very comfortable mattress. Private bathroom,TV. It is located on the first floor with easy access to the rest of the common areas.
20 usd one person or two ¬†people, also¬†more…




                                                                                 TWIN BED ROOM                                                                                                                                                      hostel tena

Room with 2 single beds. On the second floor. Easy access to the terrace. Private bathroom/TV.
20 usd for entire room/ 2 people,¬† in addition more…





                                            3 BED DORM
Hostel tena zumag sisa 500

Dorm with 4 shared beds.  Private bathroom, TV. Ideal for small groups or families.
10 usd per person,¬†also more…





                                               6 BED DORM

Spacious shared room located on the terrace. 6 single beds. Private bathroom, in addition a small dining room, hammocks.
8 usd per person, therefore more…