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What you will find here? Here you will find all of the important tips and tricks for your time in Tena. We want to make your trip easier, cheaper, and better. The information here is given by a local who has travelled to many countries and is still  fascinated with the landscape and the authenticity of Tena and Napo province. I hope this information will help to make you fall in love with this part of the world, in the same way that I am. Best wishes.

Who wrote this Blog? My name is Alvaro, I have had the opportunity to travel around 31 countries and see many landscapes, get to know many different cultures, learn English and German (my writing skills are not the best 🙂 so apologies in advance for my grammar mistakes). I have gotten to know amazing people and collect unforgettable experiences. I’m also a solo traveller which is contradictory because I have almost never been alone during my trips thanks my second home (hostels). I was born in Tena and I lived there until I was 19. After that, I start travelling and I have been travelling ever since then.

Why are you writing this? I start doing this blog because I want to share my experience and knowledge about Tena, especially to travellers who are looking for hidden paradises. During my trips to South America (2011) and to Central America (2015) I realized that many tourists skip Ecuador and the Amazon region of this country. Why? Because is dangerous? Because in Peru you will get the same? Because if you stay in Ecuador, you will have less time in Brazil? Because is not in The Lonely Planet or the classic one “Because it is more expensive”?  Well, a bit more of self information , and this blog probably will change your mind.

I believe Tena has a big potential in tourism and this activity can develop this area in a sustainable way economically, socially, and environmentally, providing a better standard of living for my community. This is the main objective and also my motive for writing this blog.

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